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Tribespot is software built to automate all of your organisation's recruitment.

Tribespot began in early 2018 and is built by ex and current student society executives who have run some of the biggest student organisations in Australia.

We've experienced the pain of annual leadership recruitment (e.g. recruiting subcommittees and directors) and are building Tribespot as a better way.

Read more about our journey in the publications below:

- Tribespot is now completely free! (13/12/2019)

- Tribespot 03: Project Malin dies, Tribespot is born! (27/10/2019)

- UNSW Business School Profile (20/09/2019)

- Tribespot 02: Interviewer Availabilities + Blind Marking (31/08/2019)

- Tribespot 01: Multi-Interviews and New Team Members (05/05/2019)

- Tribespot Launch (23/01/2019)

- Tribespot Pre-Access Sign Up (03/12/2018)

- Tribespot Beta Testing (03/09/2018)

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User stories

"Tribespot centralises the recruitment process onto one platform. It's step-by-step breakdown of the recruitment process made it easy for our team to keep track of our progress for our multiple recruitment drives! 🙂"

Annie Hu, UNSW Engineering Society HR Vice President

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"Tribespot has been able to effectively consolidate the recruitment process whilst also maintaining simplicity. It has allowed me to easily manage the recruitment process by providing a thorough structure to guide the progress of applicants through the seamless user interface."

Lucas LeungLucas Leung, UNSW BusinessOne Vice-President (Consulting)

Automate your organisation's leadership recruitment with one software


Build and customise your own unique branded application form for students applying to join your organisation.

Ask up to twelve questions (excluding generic student details).

Receive PDF, JPG and PNG file attachments.

Responses submitted through your unique form are directly submitted into the Tribespot app - no extra work for you!

Replaces Google Forms

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Bring all your application markers together and view your applications in one place.

Leave comments, filter by portfolio, search by name, star score or upvote/downvote applications to cater for your own unique recruitment process.

Give your applicants one or multiple interviews based off their role preferences.

Export your data into an Excel file for those that require more advanced functionality.

Replaces Google Sheets

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Let your interviewees schedule themselves into your interview slots.

Input all your available interview slots and let your applicants choose their own slots (it works - never ask for availabilities ever again!!).

Assign roles/portfolios to interview slots to focus your interviews.

Modify applicant slot selections if needed - you still have all the power.

Replaces Google Sheets

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A single click to send emails out to all your applicants.

Treat your applicants right by sending personalised emails without the pain of copy and pasting templates.

Customise and brand your own templates at each stage of the recruitment process.

Track individual email status so you know when emails successfully arrive or don't.

Replaces Gmail gif

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Our team is filled with product managers, developers and designers who have worked for some of the world's largest companies. Some of us actually started off as clients and then joined the team!

Michael Liang

Venkatesh Vasudevan

Andrew Antony

Malin Wijesuriya

Sharron Chen

Join the movement

Send an email to [email protected] to learn more.

See also: Culturestride.

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