Jasen Yu

UNSW Microfinance Consulting Group President

"Over the past three years, TribeSpot has effectively streamlined our recruitment processes from end-to-end. As an organisation that runs 7 recruitments every year (i.e. Lead Consultants, Consultants, Subcommittee, Client Partner Consultants), TribeSpot makes it extremely easy for us to mark applications, schedule interview time slots and provide interview outcomes. On top of that, the support team has been very proactive and responsive to any questions that arise throughout the process. For any organisations who are looking to automate and seamlessly uplift their recruitment process, I would highly recommend them to try out TribeSpot!"

Emily Law

Prodigi Founder & Program Owner

"Tribespot has been a really instrumental tool for us over at Prodigi. Not only did it significantly simplify a lot of time spent manually organising interviews and candidates it provided us a central location to store and manage future recruitment drives. It’s a tool we didn’t even know we needed, super easy to use and we’re glad we found it."

Calvin Pho

UNSW Digital Society Vice President (Internal)

"The recruitment stage is a significant process that most societies undertake, and it's difficult to source a recruitment site that fits the needs of a society. However, Tribespot is a very user-centric and well-designed platform (specifically for university) as it provides novice users with clear guidance on how to operate their website, whilst guiding them through the whole recruitment process. In comparison to other recruitment platforms, the website design and process was very intuitive."

Lucas Leung

UNSW BusinessOne Vice-President (Consulting)

"Tribespot has been able to effectively consolidate the recruitment process whilst also maintaining simplicity. It has allowed me to easily manage the recruitment process by providing a thorough structure to guide the progress of applicants through the seamless user interface."

Isabel Chan

USYD Accounting Society Vice President

"Tribespot is a very professional software that organises the recruitment process. It categorises all the materials needed into one place, which streamlines the whole process for our team. It is easy to learn, straightforward to use and the Tribespot team has been very helpful in answering any questions that arise. I would highly recommend this platform to others."

Lucas Chen

Global Consulting Group Monash Branch – Head of Human Resources

"Tribespot has been an amazing tool in streamlining our recruitment processes across our Monash, UniMelb and UNSW branches. Every semester, the volume of our applicants only gets higher and Tribespot’s accessible interface has efficiently cut down a lot of time usually spent when it comes to recruitment. The team behind the software are all fantastic and are always more than happy to help. I highly recommend this!"

How it works

Tribespot allows processes such as interview scheduling and mass-emailing to be done in a few clicks as opposed to more manual methods based on platforms such as Google Sheets/Forms. Services provided by Tribespot include, but are not limited to the following (for more detailed instructions on the app please read our guide) :

  • Application Form Creation

    Build and customise your own unique branded application form for students applying to join your organisation.
  • Streamlined Marking

    Leave comments and score applicants to assess whether they will be moving forward with the application process.
  • Interview Scheduling

    Interviewers can input their availabilities through a calendar, and our app will automatically show which timeslots they will be available for. Candidates are then presented with a form that will allow them to choose a time to be interviewed.
  • Mass-emailing

    Send hundreds of emails with just one click, and our app will take care of details such as names and interview times/locations to ensure each email is personalised.

Built by

Michael Liang


Andrew Antony



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